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    1. An Important Note Before We Get Started...

    2. Welcome to the course

    3. Structure of the Course

    1. What is ChatGPT?

    2. Introduction to Conversation-Style Chatbots

    3. ChatGPT - Example Conversation with ChatGPT

    4. ChatGPT - Sign up for a free ChatGPT account

    5. Getting ready to use ChatGPT

    1. Generate Ideas for an Assessment using ChatGPT

    2. Refining ChatGPT's Assessment Suggestion

    3. Creating a Marking Rubric with ChatGPT

    1. Multiple Choice Quiz

    2. Fill In The Blank Quiz

    3. True / False Quiz

    1. Create a Case Study with ChatGPT

    1. Beyond the Classroom - ChatGPT for Academic Writing 📚 🎓

    2. Resource: A Teacher's Prompt Guide to ChatGPT

    3. Share Additional Resources + Join the Community

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